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Take Heart Psychotherapy

Welcome. I hope you'll take a minute to settle in and take a deep breath.

Chances are that you have made your way to this site because you are feeling stuck or hopeless about yourself or the relationships that are most important to you. Or perhaps you are finding that pieces of your past intrude into your present more than you would like.
These are difficult human experiences that few of us navigate successfully alone. I encourage you to read on to see if I could help you to take heart in a new and more hopeful path to the future.

take heart, idiomatic phrase

:to gain courage or confidence
:to begin to feel better or more hopeful

As an EFT therapist, I specialize in couples therapy and individual therapy that helps clients identify old, stuck patterns that keep them stuck and unhappy, and develop new ways of being that facilitate growth, joy, and security. I am also trained in EMDR and have expertise in helping individuals who have survived trauma of all kinds to move toward healing.

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