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"Emotional disconnection and deprivation----unmet attachment needs for comfort, support, and care----are at the heart of relationship distress."   -Sue Johnson

"Love guards the heart from the abyss."   -W.A. Mozart


My approach to couples therapy is based on attachment theory---the idea that we are fundamentally wired for connection and struggle to thrive when our connections are frayed or fragile. Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I help couples move out of toxic cycles that threaten their connection, find new and more adaptive ways of reaching one another, and renegotiate a secure and stable bond. EFT is a compassionate, non-blaming approach that helps couples with distress and conflict regarding a wide range of issues, including:

  • communication and closeness

  • physical or emotional affairs

  • parenting differences, including in blended families

  • sexual problems

  • cultural and racial differences

  • substance abuse

  • impact of past trauma

  • concerns about equality in the relationship

  • neurodiversity (ADD, ADHD, ASD)

  • chronic health issues

Couples Therapy

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